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I PAINT.... a poem

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I PAINT.... a poem

Writing poetry is another outlet and love of mine in this life. It's another creative way for me to express myself and my life's experiences. A diary of sorts. I typically only write poetry when the words begin to come to me ... holding me hostage until they are out and down on paper ... it's almost like putting a jigsaw puzzle together piece by piece and it is something I can't move forward from until it is finished (my thoughts processed and understood).

Here is a poem I wrote about myself as an artist/painter - what it is for me and why I do it - creating comes from a very sacred place ... where my spirit is totally free and totally me. Creating art from my heart and soul with bright, happy colors is my way of decorating the world with hope and a little bit of magic. It's my happy place.

With my feet on the ground-
My head in the clouds-
Happy colors on my palette
And music in my ears
To awaken my spirit.

With emotion,
My heart and intuition
With the energy I feel
Guiding my every decision.

To reconnect,
To stay true to myself
To feel alive
And to share my heart
With the world around me.

To leave smiles behind,
Tangible moments frozen in time-
In hopes that it will be shared
And enjoyed by more eyes than just mine.

To keep on giving-
Little pieces of my heart
That will go on living...
Happily ever after.

-Tanielle Childers 2014